What We Do

Kinematic Sports Properties aspires to be the premiere sports marketing provider for sponsors in the high school market through the branding of innovative products.

We offer visual advertising real estate to brands that are looking to penetrate the high-impact sports marketing space of high school football.


Our parent company, Kinematic Company, has a mission to provide innovative products that support the evolution of athletic training. Kinematic Sports Properties' mission is to make these innovative products accessible to sponsors and the markets they aim to reach.


We connect brands to schools, schools to fans, and, ultimately, fans to brands.


Align your brand with the only product that truly represents athlete care, dignity, and privacy.


Change your sponsorship annually to refresh your branding and ensure your organization is reaching the advertising goals that are most relevant to your mission.

Our Leadership

Jeff Allen Headshot

Jeff Allen

Founder, Kinematic Company

Shane Scott Headshot

Shane Scott

Director of Sales

Jared Cassity Headshot

Jared Cassity

Founder, Kinematic Sports Properties

Morgan DeWitt Headshot

Morgan DeWitt

Marketing Coordinator